February 4, 2016

whites dfx metal detector

Despite being one of Whites’ older models of metal detectors, its game is amazingly, high placing it in a position to comfortably compete with newer metal detectors in the market.  It uses high microprocessor technology. It can be used for finding gold nuggets, jewelry, cannon balls, relics and other treasures. Quite pricey, but all worth it. It retails for at least 400 bucks.

Features/pros of Whites DFX metal detector

Multiple frequency features

Whites DFX Metal Detector

Whites DFX Metal Detector

Whites DFX metal detector has multiple frequency features that enables it to pick and send two different frequencies simultaneously and independently. It works with frequencies of 3 KHz and 15 kHz.  Whenever a signal is detected, 3 KHz frequency interprets it and 15 kHz frequency processes it.

Uses microprocessor technology

After a frequency from a target is picked, interpreted and processed by the Whites DFX metal detector’s multiple frequency features, the microprocessor displays the results of the frequency with the strongest signal. It changes the frequencies in to units that can be understood and are displayed on the LCD.

Excellent discrimination

Whites DFX Metal Detector has very high discrimination power. It can discriminate up to 191 elements! This is possible due to its highly advanced microprocessor.

2 search modes

It has Motion All-Metal mode and Discrimination mode. With motion all-metal mode, it detects all targets while in discrimination mode it only detects targets of interest as per the discrimination settings of the user.

Gives target information

This metal detector can tell the depth and size of the target detected.

Pin pointer

Whites DFX Metal Detector pin points the exact location of the target detected, making it easier to get the target.

Efficient factory settings

This metal detector comes with EEPROM factory settings, which are efficient and sufficient in metal detecting, especially with amateurs in use of this detector. As the user learns this machine more, they can customize the settings to their preference. You can save the EEPROM program together with your custom settings and use either.

Auto ground balance

It has automatic ground balance with Autotrac, making operation so much easier.

Hot rock rejection features

This machine can work on hot rocks and maintain its level of performance comfortably. It has high efficient temperature adjust allowing it to work in harsh conditions like on hot rocks.

LCD screen

It has a LCD screen that allows for complete visual display. It displays large and bold VDI number readout alongside target icons.

9” waterproof search coil

With a waterproof search coils, it can be used in shallow waters for treasure hunt but should not be submerged.

Has a relatively large lateral coverage within a single swing due to the large search coil.

Sweep speed adjust

It has a sweep speed adjust features that enables the user make swings at the most suitable speed. Inappropriate sweep speed leads to the detector missing out on detecting some targets.

10 basic adjustments and 34 pro options

This basic adjustments make it easy to use the detector. It has a detailed but not complex manual guide on how to use the adjustments.

Slide –in NiCad battery system

It can operate for up to 15 hours with a single round of battery charging.

Cons of whites DFX metal detector

Some users complain that’s this detector has too many settings which can be confusing. However, the manufacturer’s manual comes a long way in making one understand the settings.

With all these strong features, it is undeniable that Whites DFX metal detector is one of the best detectors out there. With some money and a desire for a good high performance detector, here is what you should purchase.

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