July 16, 2017

History of Tesoro Metal Detectors

Tesoro Electronics was set up by Jack and Myrna Gifford over 20 years ago and of which Tesoro Metal Detectors is part of the company. But you really need to go back to the 1960’s to see where it all really began from.

It was during the 1960’s that Jack Tesoro was working in retail sales but wanted to really become part of the booming aerospace industry and so he decided to go to school and became an electronics technician with aspirations of starting Tesoro Metal Detectors. It was during the early part of his career and while employed at one of his earlier jobs he found that there were a number of electronics engineers who were willing to share their knowledge with him. But after some time Jack Tesoro, befor tesoro metal detectors, decided to set up Phoenix Data and after several years he then branched further out and became a consulting engineer and it was during this time that Jack Tesoro was involved with a number of different projects (a cash register that was attached to a drinks dispenser) as well as working with Motorola to produce a silicon crystal growing plant (which was then cut to make microchips).

But in 1975 Jack Tesoro received a call from a company called Bounty Hunter who were looking for an engineer and the experience he gained first hand from him being such an avid detectorist helped him design the TR500 for Bounty Hunter which became the best selling of their metal detectors.

During his time with Bounty Hunter Jack Tesoro met Ray Crum and they formed their own metal detector company called C & G Technology in 1976. The company was successful due to a number of different metal detectors designed by Jack namely the Bobcat, Lynx and Wildcat. Due to the fact the C & G Technology was a family run business Jack Tesoro found that he was able to gain even more experience in relation to all phases of production of the metal detectors as well as their design. However, as they say all good things come to an end and in 1978 Jack Tesoro left C & G and he then received a call from Ed Lewis (President of Fischer Research Labs) offering him a job at their Los Banos, California headquarters. He was involved in such designs as the Fischer 551, 552 and helped to update the TW5 along with several industrial pipe and cable locators for the company.

Then in 1979 Jack Tesoro moved back to working for Bounty Hunter after it was brought by Ray Smith. While there he designed the Rustler, Raider and carried out updates to the Red Baron series of metal detectors manufactured by Bounty Hunter. Until only a year later in 1980 Ray Smith was diagnosed with cancer and had to sell the business. Shortly thereafter both he and Jack left the company. It was at this time that Jack Tesoro set up Tesoro Electronics later to become Fisher Metal Detectors
In July 1980 a letter was sent to dealers all over the USA announcing the formation of Tesoro Electronics Inc and it provided details on the direction the company would be taking and this ideal lives on with the company today. At the same time Tesoro’s introduced them to the Deep Search VI and after this the Deep Search IV and Deep Search VII were introduced.

Then in 1981 Tesoro Electronics Inc made metal detecting history as previously all Tesoro metal detectors were only covered by a 2 year warranty but in this year they introduced a lifetime warranty on all their metal detectors. As well as offering a lifetime warranty on all their metal detectors they produced the MDI (Metal Detector Information) Magazine.

Since this time the company has gone from strength to strength with more models being introduced and manufactured such as the Scout and Mayan in 1982, Inca and the Silver Sabre models in 1983. The Silver Sabre metal detector series has become the most popular of all their models.

Also during the 1980’s Tesoro Metal Detectors diversified and increased its market share by making two different private label agreements the first with Montgomery Wards Catalogue Sales Department and the second with Turtle who made underwater detectors. In fact the Silver Turtle model was very popular for several years with early water hunters.

The company is still going strong today and in 2004 Jack Tesoro and his wife Myrna retired and the company is now run by their sons Vince and James.

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