February 27, 2016

Garret AT Pro Metal Detector Review

Garret AT Pro Metal Detector Review

Garret AT Pro AT Meat detector is an advanced digital metal detecting machine from garret. This machine works excellently on all terrains meaning it can be used for treasure hunting on dry land and in water bodies like oceans and lakes. It is used to find relics, coins, cache, jewelry and for prospecting of gold nuggets.

Garret AT Pro metal detector is built using Garret’s finest technology incorporating superior features that make it one of the best metal detectors if not the best. It can be used for hobby treasure hunting and professional treasure hunting.

Garret AT Pro Metal Detector Review Garret AT Pro Metal Detector

Features of Garret AT Pro AT Meat detector

  • Digital track ID:it has 0-99 target identification scale which makes it easy to distinguish one metal from the other.
  • Manual/automatic ground balance:Ground balancing is important to reduce the effect of ground mineralization on the detector, which is giving false signals.

Manual ground balancing allows one to stabilize the machine before treasure hunting to prevent it from giving signals for trash like foils and old nails, and also signals due to ground mineralization.

The automatic ground balance is Fast Track meaning it happens so fast.

  • Frequency and depth: It has a high frequency of 15 kHz which enables the Garret AT Pro metal detector detect even small sized targets. It can only detect targets 9-8 inches deep
  • Electronic pinpointing:This features enables the machine to detect the precise location of the target detected.
  • Waterproof: This features enables it to be an all-terrain metal detector. It can be immersed for up to 10” deep.
  • Iron Audio identification: This features helps with discrimination of iron and other ferrous materials in the ground. The tone for iron is kept silence and hence does not send an audio signal.
  • High resolution iron discrimination: It has 40 levels of iron discrimination setting. Discrimination level is set by use of the touchpads at one of the 40 levels. You adjust the elimination on the LCD screen, either increasing or reducing it.

You can also elevate the discrimination of the machine by moving your search coil to targets you are not interested in then press the elimination button.

  • Professional and standard audio modes:Professionals with enough experience with the machine can use the Pro mode, which has advanced settings that can tell the size, shape and depth of the target through audio signals. For those who are new to the machine, it is advisable to use the standard mode, understand the detector being advancing to Pro mode.
  • Fast recovery speed:The Pro Mode Audio enables the machine to pick signals for multiple targets within a short period of time.
  • Pro mode audio: This enables one to identify the characteristics of the target; depth and size. The standard mode gives a consistentbeep no matter the target type and depth, but the Pro mode gives more detail about the target.

Using the Pro mode audio however requires expertise as the settings are more advanced those of the standard mode audio.

  • DD search coil: Has a standard 8.5’’×11” submersible search coil, but is also compatible with a number of other search coils. It is compatible with the following coils
  • 9”× 12” PROformance DD search coil
  • 5”× 9” PROformance concentric search coil
  • 5”×11” ACE PROformance DD search coil
  • 5”×8” PROformance DD submersible search coil
  • 5” super sniper search coil
  • Detection modes: It comes with 6 detection modes; 3 standard modes and 3 Pro modes. Each mode has 3 discrimination to choose from custom, coins and zero.
  • Battery condition indicator:This metal indicator runs on 4 AA batteries and have an accurate battery monitor and indicator.
  • LCD screen: The LCD screen makes it easier to operate the detector; easier that using knobs
  • Standard land headphones: Garret AT Pro metal detector comes with dry environment headphones which aid one in better getting audio signals. There is available waterproof headphones for use in water.
  • LCD screen: The LCD screen makes it easier to operate the detector; easier that using knobs


waterproof headphones Non waterproof headphone Shortcomings of Garret AT Pro metal detector


Garret AT Pro metal detector can only detect targets at a very limited depth of 8-9”. If the target is deeper, one has to look for other alternatives.


When using the Pro Audio mode, they tend to produce some noise, but this shouldn’t naturally occur. The noise is associated with hitting the ground when swinging the coil.

Difficulty in operating the LCD under intense sun light

Like with most digital screens, it becomes dark and invisible under direct sunlight.

All said and done, Garret AT Pro metal detector a high quality metal detector, highly efficient and also sells at a reasonable price. It is also so light (3.03 lbs.) making it easy to carry it around.

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