February 27, 2016

Garret ACE 350 Metal Detector Review

Garret ACE 350 metal detector is the latest model in the Garret ACE metal detectors series; it is simply an improvement of the ACE 150 and 250 detectors. Like the 150 and 250 ACE metal detectors, it is black and yellow in color. They is actually no noticeable physical difference between any of the three ACE metal detecting machines.

The machine can be used to find virtually every treasure, from coins, relics, jewelry and even gold nuggets.

Important features of Garret ACE 350 metal detector

Garret ACE 350 Metal Detector

Garret ACE 350 Metal Detector

The level of efficiency of any metal detector, or even any machine out there, is determined by the presence/absence of some features. Here are some of the important features that make Garret ACE 350;

Target ID

Garret ACE 350 metal detector has 12 target identification segments, making it really efficient at identifying targets.

High resolution Iron discrimination

It has 4 iron discrimination segments which, making it iron-blind and hence its efficiency is not lowered by heavy ground mineralization.


Garret ACE 350 metal detector has a frequency of 8.25 kHz, enabling it detect very small sized targets like gold nuggets, even when they are seated deep. It is an improvement of ACE 250 which has a frequency of 6.5 kHz.

In- built search modes

This metal detector has 5 in built search modes:

  • Coins
  • Relics
  • All metal
  • Jewelry
  • Custom, which allows one to configure the device however they want.

LCD display

Garret Ace LCD display

Garret Ace LCD display

It has LCD display screen that shows the following:

  • Sensitivity indicator
  • Detecting mode
  • Target ID
  • Coin depth indicator
  • Battery level indicator

Garret ACE 350 metal detector is in a better position to detect low conductive targets like gold compared to ACE 250, hence has a larger target display area compared to its predecessors.

This LCD screens makes operation of the machine easier than if it were being operated using knobs, especially for beginners.

Coin depth indicator

It has a coin depth indicator on the LCD display hence tells one the depth of the target discovered.

Double-D search coil

It has 11” DD PROformance search coil which increase depth and lateral detection ability, as the coil passes over a large surface area with each swing.

The DD search coil enables the machine get better target separation. You can discriminate targets through eliminating them on the search coil. You move the cursor above a particular target, press the eliminate button and it becomes discriminated. You can also undo that by adding the target on back.

Electronic pinpoint

Pinpointing ensures on knows the precise location of the target detected. This come a long way in easing digging up for the target as the exact location is made known. The point where the strongest tone is heard is the precise location of the target.

Garret ACE 350 metal detector is a lightweight machine and also easy to use as it digitalized.

Cons of Garret ACE 350 metal detector

It is not waterproof, hence not submersible and can only be used for treasure hunting in dry environments.

There is no volume control, something some people find frustrating.

Exhibiting high efficiency and incredible ease in using, this machine is worth its price. If you are thinking of adding a metal detector in your collection or even purchasing the first one, think Garret ACE 350.

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