February 4, 2016

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Looking to picking a hobby in treasure hunt? Fisher F2 metal detector is the perfect beginner treasure hunt gadget. It has great features, reasonable pricing and it is user friendly enough for any beginner to use it comfortably.

Features and Pros of Fisher F2 metal detector

Audio and Visual Target ID

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Fisher F2 metal detector has audio and visual target identification; 8 visual segments and 4 audio segment. Target identification enables the user to know the type of the target that has been detected, saving one the trouble of digging up only to find on object they do not want. The 8 visual ID segment display on the LCD.

Despite displaying the target on the LCD, it has a back-up four tone audio target identification. The audio target ID alerts the user about the presence of a target and its characteristics like depth, which is confirmed on the LCD screen.The metal detector must be in discrimination mode for the 4-tone audio identification system to function.

The tones produced are;

  • Low tone for nails and other iron objects
  • Low-mid tone for nickels and small gold pieces
  • Medium tone for zinc objects and large gold pieces
  • High tone for copper objects, large gold pieces and silver objects

8” concentric search coil

It has 8” waterproof search coil, making it suitable for treasure hunt on the shallow waters.

The larger search coil also makes the lateral coverage of the detector larger within a single swing.

Jumbo LCD display

Fisher F2 Metal Detector-Jumbo LCD display

Fisher F2 Metal Detector-Jumbo LCD display

It has LCD display which displays the target type and target depth. It displays a 2-digit numeric target value.

The LCD screen also has an 8-segment visual target identification section.

Coin depth indicator

Fisher F2 metal detectors have coin depth detector. The depth of the target is displayed on the LCD screen. It has to be in Motion Search mode for it to indicate the target depth on the LCD.

Quick and very sensitive target response

It has high sensitivity to even small targets. Working at a frequency of 5.9 kHz, it can detect relatively small sized targets lying at quite deep.

One touch pinpoint

It detects the precise location of the target, which plays a big role in that obtaining the target is easier.

Notch discrimination

It has a notch discrimination system for accepting or discriminating targets depending on the user’s choice of target/targets.

Ease in use

Fisher F2 metal detector, works pretty efficiently with the default factory settings, and one can start using it without resetting anything.

It comes with a detailed but simplified instruction manual that even a beginner will easily understand.

It is digitally operated, which is much easier than the manually operated metal detectors.

It is a lightweight machine weighing 2.6 lbs. batteries included hence it is easy to carry around.

It has an ergonomic S-handle design making it easy to handle it during use.

This is one of the best and easiest but efficient entry-level metal detectors.  You can always use this if you are a beginner or confidently recommend it to someone.

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