February 4, 2016

Elenco Metal Detector

Elenco metal detector was specifically made for kids; essentially a toy but can detect very shallow metals. It is a basic metal detector, meant for hobby treasure hunt by beginner kids. It is so light (1.46 lbs.) enabling as young as 8 years old kids use it.

Elenco Metal Detector

Elenco Metal Detector

This metal detector being basically a toy; has very low efficiency in treasure hunting, but it helps the kids in the formative years develop creative thinking skills, patience, attention and instruction following skills.

Features of Elenco metal detector

Led display screen

This metal detector has a LED display screen making operation easy especially by beginner kids.

Adjustable sensitivity

It has an adjustable sensitivity which allows one to customize operation. The sensitivity can be kept high or low, depending on the preference of the user.

Beep alert

Has a beep alert. The metal detector gives a beep alert signal when a metallic object has been detected, hence the kid will most unlikely miss on a detected target.

Durable, appealing ABS body

This metal detector has an ABS body that makes it real durable. The metal detector also has a really neat appearance due to this body, which makes the kids love it. 


Elenco Metal Detector being used by a kid

Elenco Metal Detector being used by a kid

As logic would have it, metal detectors for kids should be light. Elenco metal detector is super lightweight as it is used by kids as young as 8 years old. It weigh 1.46 lbs.

Search coil

This metal detector has big enough search/sensing coil, to help your kid discover a few treasures while having fun.

This metal detector is inexpensive and easy to use metal detector, highly recommended for young kids whom you’d love to develop an important hobby as metal detecting. The useful skills your kid acquires through treasure hunting in the early formative stages are carried to adulthood.

Elenco Metal Detector is quite more efficient on sandy soils hence a good for metal detecting in beaches, which are characteristic of sand only.

This metal detector has extremely low battery consumption. It requires 9v batteries.

It also has a reasonable size for use by small kids. It measures 30×14.5×13. A kid will handle it with much ease.

On the flip side, this metal detector is really basic, meaning as the kid learns the basics using this metal detector, you will need to upgrade to a standard beginner metal detector. Again, this metal detector is by essence a toy that can detect shallow lying targets with enough conductivity to give an audible beep.

For very young beginner treasure hunters, this is the appropriate metal detector. It is however dangerous to give this metal detector to kids below 3 years as it has some small parts that can be swallowed.

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