February 4, 2016

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

If you are a beginner and looking for a metal detector with remarkable performance and going for a reasonable price, Bounty Hunter Track IV metal detector is the machine for you. And well, it is so easy to use, just like a beginner metal detector should be; you turn on and start. It is ideal for hunting jewelry and relics hunting and coin shooting.

Pros/ features of Bounty Hunter Track IV metal detector

Automatic ground balance

Bounty hunter metal detector Display Bounty hunter metal detectorBounty Hunter TK4 has an inbuilt automatic ground balance that prevents the machine from giving signals as a result of ground mineralization. It is easier to operate a detector with automatic ground balance than with one whose ground balance is manually adjusted from one location to another.

All terrain

Bounty Hunter Track IV metal detector is rugged, making it ideal for treasure hunt in all terrains; dry ground, saltwater beaches, etc.

8” waterproof search coil

It has 8” waterproof search coil, hence it can be used for treasure hunting in shallow and muddy waters. The machine is however not submersible.

With a relatively large search coil, the search coverage is quite big within a single swing. It is important to make a swing carefully as being so fast may lead to the machine missing on some targets.

2 search modes

It has Motion All-Metal mode and Discrimination mode. Motion all-Metal mode does not discriminate but detects all metals whereas Discrimination mode detects only the targets of interests.Normally, iron/steel targets are discriminated as they are of low value.

Tone audio mode

It has 2 tone audio mode for distinguishing between targets.Low tone for targets like iron/steel objects and high tone for targets like gold, silver and copper.

Disc/notch controls

It has Disc/notch controls that distinguish between wanted and unwanted targets

Adjustable sensitivity

It allows for change in sensitivity levels when the user changes the location of hunt. Metal detectors work best with different sensitivities in different locations as different locations have different levels of ground mineralization.

Adjustable stem and padded armrest

It has an adjustable stem, making it possible for short and tall people and even kids use it comfortably.


Despite being a good performing metal detector, it goes for modest price for its quality, usually not more than 100 bucks.

Easy to use

This is a turn-on and start detector. You only need to set the sensitivity and the search mode you prefer then you are ready to go.

Bounty Hunter TK4 comes with a detailed but easy to understand and follow manual, making use even easier.

It weighs 2.9 pounds hence easy to carry around while working.

It requires two 9v alkaline batteries, and being quite low on power consumption, you can use it for quite some time without running low on battery.

Cons of Bounty Hunter TK4 metal detector

It does not have an inbuilt pin pointer meaning one has to buy one separately. A pin pointer locates the precise location of the target, making it easier to dig it up.

Bounty hunter TK4 metal detector has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon!  That speaks volumes about it performance.

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