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July 16, 2017

History of Fisher Metal Detectors

It was during the late 1920’s a German immigrant by the name of Dr Gerhard Fisher (who studied electronics at the University of Dresden and is founder of Fisher Metal Detectors) obtained the first patent ever to be issued on aircraft radio direction finders while working as a research engineer in Los Angeles. At the time his work had begun to attract the interest of one Dr Albert Einstein who after seeing the equipment demonstrated stated that “radio direction finders would be used world wide both in the air, on land and at sea”.

Although during the early years when direction finders were being used aircraft pilots found that errors would happen to their bearings when a metal object came between the transmitter and receiver or when they passed over certain areas (it was in these areas that highly conductive mineralized formations were found). After carrying out some investigation Dr Fisher found that a portable electronic prospecting instrument could be developed which used the same principles as the direction finders but would instead detect the presence of small buried objects or ore deposits.

He continued carrying out research on this subject and in 1931 he founded the Fisher Research Laboratory (set up in the garage behind his home the infancy of Fisher Metal Detectors). With the assistance of 4 employees he began to produce the “Metallascope”, which was a rugged easy to use metal detector. Although by today’s standards it would have been a very ungainly device consisting of 2 large flat wooden boxes which contained simple copper coils, 5 vacuum tubes and a number of other components. Within a very short period of time not only had it caught the imagination of the people in the USA but also many around the world as well and Fisher Metal Detectors had begun.

In fact by 1936 sales had become so large on the “Metallascope” which had now been nicknamed the “M-Scope” that Fisher Metal Detectors home base, Fischer Research Laboratory, had to move locations and was now being accepted as the standard to which all types of electronic metal detection equipment should be made. Then before the beginning of World War II in 1939 Fisher Metal Detectors moved to an even larger premises and the company was called upon to contribute its technical competence to the war effort both during Word War II and the subsequent Korean Conflict.

Because of the popularity of the M-Scope and because the patent rights Fisher Metal Detectors had on this item was expiring a number of competitors began producing similar pieces of equipment and yet Fisher Metal Detectors managed to maintain their position as they would keep in close contact with clients who used their machines in order to use their wealth of experience to design new models.

In fact over the years Fisher Metal Detectors has designed and produced even more sophisticated products as well as metal detectors such as Geiger counters, Radio Communication Systems, Voltage Detectors and Cable Fault Locators.

Again in 1961 the Fisher Metal Detectors moved once more to a larger production facility in Belmont, California and finally in 1967 Dr Fisher retired from Fisher Metal Detectors after firmly establishing his name in the annals of electronic history. Then because Fisher Metal Detectors continued to grow they moved in 1974 and finally in 1990 Fisher Metal Detectors built their own spacious modern manufacturing plant in Los Banos, California and this is where the world’s oldest metal detector company is now located.

July 16, 2017

10 Reasons for buying from Kellyco Metal Detectors

In this article we will explain why there are 10 reasons for purchasing a metal detector whether as a hobby or part of your business from Kellyco Metal Detectors.

Reason 1

Kellyco Metal Detectors guarantee anyone purchasing a metal detector from them that they will be cheaper than anywhere else in the US. Say if for example you find the same metal detector in either a factory authorized dealers catalogue, or through a mail order flier or on a web site for less then they are offering it to you they will gladly refund the difference to you plus 20% of that difference as well. This is Kellyco Metal Detectors customer service.
Reason 2

Kellyco Metal Detectors promise that regardless of any problems you may have with your metal detector and regardless of the length of warranty you have on the product if it requires servicing during the warranty period then they will ensure that the manufacturer provides you with a prompt quality service. In fact many of the products that Kellyco Metal Detectors offer come with unconditional lifetime replacement warranties on them, which many other retailers can not offer to their customers.

Reason 3

Because Kellyco Metal Detectors do not want dissatisfied customers they have trained staff that can provide you with all the advice and assistance that you need prior to making a purchase. They also offer a return or replacement service for defective items within 7 days of the purchase only. However, if you decide you wish to return it for any reason within 14 days of the purchase Kellyco Metal Detectors will offer you either a refund of 70% or a credit of 80% for use against the purchase of another metal detector instead. These offers apply not just to new metal detectors but also to demonstration models and used ones as well.

Reason 4

Kellyco Metal Detectors operates from a large building which holds over $1,000,000 worth of stock (both metal detectors and their accessories).

Reason 5

The team of experienced metal detector specialists that work for Kellyco Metal Detectors will only choose the products that represent exceptional value for money to their customers and both the metal detectors and their accessories sold by Kellyco Metal Detectors have been field tested in order to verify their performance and quality standards.

Reason 6

If at any time you require assistance on “How to use” your metal detector Kellyco Metal Detectors have a number where you can contact them and be able to speak to their trained experts with your questions.

Reason 7

Many customers return to Kellyco Metal Detectors as they can offer to these people the chance to purchase new metal detectors at incredible prices prior to them being offered in their catalogues or anywhere as honored customers.

Reason 8

They offer a same day shipping service to all their customers. They try to ship any orders they receive on the same day and if a customer wants them to Kellyco Metal Detectors will test the metal detector so that all they have to do upon receiving it is take it out of its box assemble it and then they can start using it and having fun.

Reason 9

For nearly 50 years now Kellyco Metal Detectors have provided their customers with a customer service system and will do their utmost to help those customers with any problems they may have.

Reason 10

At all times Kellyco Metal Detectors will do their utmost to keep their customers satisfied and in order to make this happen, many of the items that they offer have unconditional lifetime replacement warranties with them, while many others have a money back guarantee offer instead. As you can see from above there are many reasons as to why purchasing a metal detector from Kellyco Metal Detectors may be a safe option.

July 16, 2017

Simplified – how a Metal Detector works

It is believed that the first metal detector was created by Alexander Graham Bell in 1881 in order to locate a bullet that was lodged in the body of the then President of the USA, James Garfield after he was assassinated. However, the first portable version of the metal detectors was in fact patented by a Dr Fischer in 1931 and since then metal detectors have become very common. Below is provided an explanation on the way in which a metal detector works.

1. A metal detector is an electronic instrument which is able to find any instance of metal whether it is in the ground, a human body or inside an object such as a parcel. It is able to pass through, sand, soil, wood or any other non metallic object to find the metal it is looking for.

2. The construction of any elementary metal detector is as follows:- It has an electronic box together with a battery on one side with a handle for the operator to hold it. Then a coil is made from insulated wire which is wrapped around a telescopic shaft and at the end of this is a round plastic disk.

What the operator then needs to do is switch on the power and begin sweeping the ground slowly until an electronic signal sounds or changes frequency. This signal indicates that there is a metallic object or item present under the area where you have just swept with the metal detector.

3. A metal detector works on the principal of using electromagnetism which exerts an effect on metal objects or items. The metal coil on the metal detector is called a transmitter and using the battery power it generates a magnetic field which works on the area surrounding it. When this magnetic field enters the ground it causes any metallic item it comes in contact with to become magnetic and this results in an electronic signal which is detected by the receiver in the coil. The receiver then dispatches the signal it has received to the electronic box which contains a speaker and this in turn emits a beep for the operator to know that metal has been detected.

In each electronic box there is a microprocessor which measures the time lag between charging the area being searched and the electronic box actually receiving the signal. This time lag is known as the phase shift and lets the operator known which metals are present and by using this principle, people are able to configure their high end metal detectors to look for specific metals.

July 16, 2017

Metal Detecting Treasures Or Trash

Some people think that it takes great skill to operate a metal detector and find treasure buried in the ground. The truth is, it just takes a little practice so that an individual will know whether the object is worth digging or just move because it is just trash.

The metal detector has a built in transmitter, which scans the ground. If something metallic bounces back, the receiver will pick this and send a signal to the user. Since each object has different characteristics, this signal can give the individual an idea of what is underneath.

The first tip that a person should know is how the metal detector works. This device is hand held, so being familiar with the parts and the switches it has will give the treasure hunter a good idea of how to use it.

It would be a good idea to practice using this at home so one will become familiar with the machine before going out into the field.

There are various metal detectors in the market. If the alarm goes off every time, maybe the user should examine the machine being used to determine if it functioning properly. In most cases, there is nothing wrong and the person just forgot to set the notch to only respond to certain objects over a limited area.

The second tip for the avid treasure hunter is to study the manual carefully to understand the type of sounds made by the machine and the meaning of the numbers that appear on the screen.

Scientists and other experts call this method discrimination. This is because it is based on the sound heard, the numeric readout or the meter indicator, enabling the hunter to tell if the object is treasure or trash.

The third tip for metal detecting is that it would be better to conduct a search in a group. This will allow everyone to focus on an item of value so that the focus will not be diverted to anything else. This will lessen the time it takes to scan an area so that the members can move on to something else if nothing was discovered.

Metal detecting can be both fun and challenging. By knowing how the machine works and doing the search in a group, the chances of finding something of value are much higher as more ground is covered.

July 16, 2017

How to Find Treasure in Your Own Back Yard

You just bought your very own metal detector and you are itching to use it to find some interesting treasures. The only problem is, you don’t have the funds to go to a particular metal detecting hot spot, as there aren’t any within your immediate vicinity. To go metal detecting, you are going to have to wait for the next long weekend, plan the trip, and gather enough funds to spend on it.

The truth is, however, that the answer to your metal detecting woes is already in front of you – or rather, behind you, because you can actually go metal detecting right in your very own backyard. This works particularly well for those who are only starting out with metal detecting and have yet to get a good grasp on the activity. The backyard of your very own home is a great place to practice and learn metal detecting. Plus, it’s the best feeling in the world when you find a treasure right on your own property!

The backyard is best for beginners in metal detecting because usually a backyard is not as overloaded with signals as a lot of other metal detecting places are. It does, however, have enough items and materials hidden in its depths to allow you to learn the signals that your metal detector gives out for particular pieces or types of metals.

Metal detecting in your own backyard is also much cheaper, because it’s practically free! Your backyard also allows you to go metal detecting as often as you want, whatever time or day it is.

Furthermore, metal detecting in your own backyard gives you privacy. Often other metal detecting places will be swamped with tourists or other metal detecting hobbyists. If you are not yet confident with your metal detecting techniques and are only beginning to get the hang of it, the backyard is the best place to start, because no one will see you mess up!

Here are some other tips when you go metal detecting in your own backyard:

1. Go metal detecting after it has rained, when the ground is soaked. The wet soil will enable your metal detector to absorb signals from deeper parts of the ground.

2. With metal detecting, patience is very important. For every treasure or valuable item you find, you would’ve stumbled upon a dozen other items that are totally useless. It’s all about being patient and looking really hard.

So start metal detecting now! Who knows what kind of treasures you’ll find in your own backyard?

February 27, 2016

Garret AT Pro Metal Detector Review

Garret AT Pro Metal Detector Review

Garret AT Pro AT Meat detector is an advanced digital metal detecting machine from garret. This machine works excellently on all terrains meaning it can be used for treasure hunting on dry land and in water bodies like oceans and lakes. It is used to find relics, coins, cache, jewelry and for prospecting of gold nuggets.

Garret AT Pro metal detector is built using Garret’s finest technology incorporating superior features that make it one of the best metal detectors if not the best. It can be used for hobby treasure hunting and professional treasure hunting.

Garret AT Pro Metal Detector Review Garret AT Pro Metal Detector

Features of Garret AT Pro AT Meat detector

  • Digital track ID:it has 0-99 target identification scale which makes it easy to distinguish one metal from the other.
  • Manual/automatic ground balance:Ground balancing is important to reduce the effect of ground mineralization on the detector, which is giving false signals.

Manual ground balancing allows one to stabilize the machine before treasure hunting to prevent it from giving signals for trash like foils and old nails, and also signals due to ground mineralization.

The automatic ground balance is Fast Track meaning it happens so fast.

  • Frequency and depth: It has a high frequency of 15 kHz which enables the Garret AT Pro metal detector detect even small sized targets. It can only detect targets 9-8 inches deep
  • Electronic pinpointing:This features enables the machine to detect the precise location of the target detected.
  • Waterproof: This features enables it to be an all-terrain metal detector. It can be immersed for up to 10” deep.
  • Iron Audio identification: This features helps with discrimination of iron and other ferrous materials in the ground. The tone for iron is kept silence and hence does not send an audio signal.
  • High resolution iron discrimination: It has 40 levels of iron discrimination setting. Discrimination level is set by use of the touchpads at one of the 40 levels. You adjust the elimination on the LCD screen, either increasing or reducing it.

You can also elevate the discrimination of the machine by moving your search coil to targets you are not interested in then press the elimination button.

  • Professional and standard audio modes:Professionals with enough experience with the machine can use the Pro mode, which has advanced settings that can tell the size, shape and depth of the target through audio signals. For those who are new to the machine, it is advisable to use the standard mode, understand the detector being advancing to Pro mode.
  • Fast recovery speed:The Pro Mode Audio enables the machine to pick signals for multiple targets within a short period of time.
  • Pro mode audio: This enables one to identify the characteristics of the target; depth and size. The standard mode gives a consistentbeep no matter the target type and depth, but the Pro mode gives more detail about the target.

Using the Pro mode audio however requires expertise as the settings are more advanced those of the standard mode audio.

  • DD search coil: Has a standard 8.5’’×11” submersible search coil, but is also compatible with a number of other search coils. It is compatible with the following coils
  • 9”× 12” PROformance DD search coil
  • 5”× 9” PROformance concentric search coil
  • 5”×11” ACE PROformance DD search coil
  • 5”×8” PROformance DD submersible search coil
  • 5” super sniper search coil
  • Detection modes: It comes with 6 detection modes; 3 standard modes and 3 Pro modes. Each mode has 3 discrimination to choose from custom, coins and zero.
  • Battery condition indicator:This metal indicator runs on 4 AA batteries and have an accurate battery monitor and indicator.
  • LCD screen: The LCD screen makes it easier to operate the detector; easier that using knobs
  • Standard land headphones: Garret AT Pro metal detector comes with dry environment headphones which aid one in better getting audio signals. There is available waterproof headphones for use in water.
  • LCD screen: The LCD screen makes it easier to operate the detector; easier that using knobs


waterproof headphones Non waterproof headphone Shortcomings of Garret AT Pro metal detector


Garret AT Pro metal detector can only detect targets at a very limited depth of 8-9”. If the target is deeper, one has to look for other alternatives.


When using the Pro Audio mode, they tend to produce some noise, but this shouldn’t naturally occur. The noise is associated with hitting the ground when swinging the coil.

Difficulty in operating the LCD under intense sun light

Like with most digital screens, it becomes dark and invisible under direct sunlight.

All said and done, Garret AT Pro metal detector a high quality metal detector, highly efficient and also sells at a reasonable price. It is also so light (3.03 lbs.) making it easy to carry it around.

February 27, 2016

Garret ACE 350 Metal Detector Review

Garret ACE 350 metal detector is the latest model in the Garret ACE metal detectors series; it is simply an improvement of the ACE 150 and 250 detectors. Like the 150 and 250 ACE metal detectors, it is black and yellow in color. They is actually no noticeable physical difference between any of the three ACE metal detecting machines.

The machine can be used to find virtually every treasure, from coins, relics, jewelry and even gold nuggets.

Important features of Garret ACE 350 metal detector

Garret ACE 350 Metal Detector

Garret ACE 350 Metal Detector

The level of efficiency of any metal detector, or even any machine out there, is determined by the presence/absence of some features. Here are some of the important features that make Garret ACE 350;

Target ID

Garret ACE 350 metal detector has 12 target identification segments, making it really efficient at identifying targets.

High resolution Iron discrimination

It has 4 iron discrimination segments which, making it iron-blind and hence its efficiency is not lowered by heavy ground mineralization.


Garret ACE 350 metal detector has a frequency of 8.25 kHz, enabling it detect very small sized targets like gold nuggets, even when they are seated deep. It is an improvement of ACE 250 which has a frequency of 6.5 kHz.

In- built search modes

This metal detector has 5 in built search modes:

  • Coins
  • Relics
  • All metal
  • Jewelry
  • Custom, which allows one to configure the device however they want.

LCD display

Garret Ace LCD display

Garret Ace LCD display

It has LCD display screen that shows the following:

  • Sensitivity indicator
  • Detecting mode
  • Target ID
  • Coin depth indicator
  • Battery level indicator

Garret ACE 350 metal detector is in a better position to detect low conductive targets like gold compared to ACE 250, hence has a larger target display area compared to its predecessors.

This LCD screens makes operation of the machine easier than if it were being operated using knobs, especially for beginners.

Coin depth indicator

It has a coin depth indicator on the LCD display hence tells one the depth of the target discovered.

Double-D search coil

It has 11” DD PROformance search coil which increase depth and lateral detection ability, as the coil passes over a large surface area with each swing.

The DD search coil enables the machine get better target separation. You can discriminate targets through eliminating them on the search coil. You move the cursor above a particular target, press the eliminate button and it becomes discriminated. You can also undo that by adding the target on back.

Electronic pinpoint

Pinpointing ensures on knows the precise location of the target detected. This come a long way in easing digging up for the target as the exact location is made known. The point where the strongest tone is heard is the precise location of the target.

Garret ACE 350 metal detector is a lightweight machine and also easy to use as it digitalized.

Cons of Garret ACE 350 metal detector

It is not waterproof, hence not submersible and can only be used for treasure hunting in dry environments.

There is no volume control, something some people find frustrating.

Exhibiting high efficiency and incredible ease in using, this machine is worth its price. If you are thinking of adding a metal detector in your collection or even purchasing the first one, think Garret ACE 350.

February 24, 2016

Best Gold Metal Detector Review

Gold mining must have been a nightmare in the 1800’s, where people panned for gold for months only to find small flakes of gold or give up before finding any. In this age of advanced technology, gold prospecting technologies using gold metal detectors have come a long way in ensuring that before embarking on mining, gold miners know exactly the amount of gold they will get.

A gold metal detector is specifically made for gold prospection. They are exclusive to gold detecting and do not pick signals for other metals, unlike regular metal detectors. The standard gold metal detector uses Very Low Frequency (VLF) or Pulse Inductioncircuits to detect gold and filter out all the other metals in its magnetic field.

The major investment you make in gold prospecting is purchasing a quality gold metal detector. Having a good gold metal detector is a great stride towards success. There a variety of gold metal detectors and some review of those detectors will have you well informed before purchasing one.

Types of gold metal detectors

They are generally two types of gold metal detectors, based on their mechanism for detecting gold;

  • Very Low Frequency (VLF) gold metal detectors
  • Pulse Induction (PI)gold metal detectors

Very Low Frequency fold metal detectors

As the name suggests, these detectors use very low frequency circuits to detect gold nuggets. Some of the popular models in this category are

  • Fisher Gold Bug Pro
  • Fisher Gold Bug 2
  • White’sGoldMaster GMT
  • Garret AT Gold
  • Tesoro LoboSuperTra
  • Minelab Eureka Gold

VLF gold metal detectors greatly pride in their ability to detect very minute nuggets of gold. In hands of an experienced user, these detectors beat their Pulse Induction counterparts in detecting small sized nuggets.

VLF gold metal detectors are quite affordable compared to pulse induction detectors. It is possible to find a new VLF detector for less than $ 1000, or even a second hand but in-shape detector for a few hundred bucks.

They are relatively light, which makes carrying them around less of a hard task.

On the other hand, VLF gold metal detectors have their shortcomings, the main of them being their inability to detect gold nuggets lying deep. They can only detect gold nuggets at a maximum depth of 12”, a factor that greatly cripples their success if the nuggets are lying deeper than that.

VLF gold metal detectors cannot detect nuggets in highly mineralized ground and very hot rocks, the common surrounding of gold nuggets. This problem is solved by proper tuning, reducing sensitivity to a point it can only detect a very limited depth.

Here is a quick review of each of the VLF gold metal detectors;

Fisher Gold Bug 2metal detector

Fisher Gold Bug 2metal detector

Fisher Gold Bug 2metal detector

This gold metal detector exhibits excellent sensitivity, ultra-high frequency (highest in the marker), and dust and moisture resistance, incredible iron discrimination ability making it suitable for highly mineralized soils. It has an audio- boost that ensures signals for small and deep seated nuggets are heard.

It has 3-level mineralization switch, to ensure perfect ground balance is achieved.

It operates at 71 kHz, for extreme sensitivity to small gold nuggets. It operates on an iron diskmode which bears its high iron discrimination ability.

It features a 10” elliptical search coil and is convertible to hip mount or chest mount. It weighs 2.9 lbs.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector

Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector

Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector

This metal detector was released in 2010, its digital and is made to find very small amount of gold.

It features digitalized ground balancing, static pinpoint with depth indicator, V.C.O audio in all Metal and Discrimination mode, computerized ground grab TM and 5” search coil.

It also has independent control over threshold and gain, continuous ground readouts and ground phase value that indicates the amount of mineralization.

It is a lightweight machine weighing at 2.5 lbs. 

White’s GoldMaster GMTmetal detector

White’s GoldMaster GMTmetal detector

White’s GoldMaster GMTmetal detector

This is a tough machine meant for gold mining in harsh environments. It  features 48 kHz frequency ,6×9” waterproof elleptical search coil and a digital microprocessor software that automatically eliminate ground mineralization

It has long life batteries lasting for 30-35 hours after recharging, a grab push pad for setting ground balance, automatic ground balace and Follow the Paystreakfeature that displays the amount of magnetic minerals in the soil.



Garret AT Goldmetal detector

Garret AT Goldmetal detector

Garret AT Goldmetal detector

It is an all-terrain machine, with excellent depth detection. It operates at a frequency of 18 kHz which makes detection of small nuggets of gold possible. It has a digital target ID which makes it easy to distinguish target from other metal.

It features high resolution iron discrimination, with 40 points of iron resolution. It has adjustable threshold that allows the user to adjust audio threshold to hear targets better.

It has a manual ground balance, allowing the detector to preset the machine for suitability of the location of gold prospecting. It also features an electronic pinpoint that helps with telling the precise location of the gold nuggets detected

Tesoro Lobo SuperTraqmetal detector

Tesoro Lobo SuperTraqmetal detector Tesoro Lobo SuperTraqmetal detector largeThis machine has a computerized ground tracking system with three modes; normal, alkali and black sand. It has adjustable threshold control, operates excellently in mineralized soils due to good ground balancing and has maximum boost sensitivity.

It can detect small nuggets of gold at quite some depth. It is lightweight and has a body mountable design.

Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector

Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector largeIt has triple frequency of 6.4, 20 and 60 kHz, giving a broader operation range for different soils. It has an automatic ground balancing system and has variable discrimination control with high iron discrimination in each level.

It features 5×10” elliptical search coil and it shows the depth and size of the gold, through change in the reading at the elliptical coil.

It has an easy mount system, with a single button push firmly mounting the control box to the stem. It also has easy to access rechargeable batteries, making recharging them easy.

It is a lightweight weighing 2.6 lbs.

Pulse Induction gold metal detectors

Some of the common PI gold metal detectors are

  • Minelab GP and SD metal detector models
  • White’ TDI Pro
  • White’s TDI

Pulse induction gold metal detectors are considered superior to VLF detectors, due to their ability to detect gold nuggets at great depths. They can detect small to medium sized nuggets but not small flakes.

They are also able to detect gold nuggets on hot rocks; hot rocks do not tamper with their efficiency.

Pulse induction detectors have superior ability to ignore conductive and non-conductive ground mineralization and still maintain high sensitivity to target metal/metals and in this case gold.

Gold metal detectors in this category are quite pricey, going for well over $5000, which most likely screams quality.

Minelab GP and SD metal detector models

Minelab GPX 5000 metal detectors

Minelab GPX 5000 metal detectors

Minelab GPX 5000 metal detectors

It is the latest release from Minelab and it is the beast in gold prospecting. It is the deepest detecting machine in the market.

It uses Minelab’s patented technologies; MPS, SETA and DVT. MPS technology establishes the amount of ground mineralization, which help the machine achieve better ground balancing.

DVT technology involves transmission of two voltages giving better sensitivity to small targets at deeper depths. It has audio indications of the size and depth of the god nugget.

SETA keeps all the timings perfectly aligned improving depth, sensitivity and stability of the GP detector.

It applies the Minelab’s Bi-level technology that gives more target information, discriminating iron and other non- target metals.

GPX 5000 has 8 timings, with each of the timing changing the way the machine works. The preference of timing is informed by your target size and level of mineralization of the soil.

It has 11” DD coil that discriminate iron and other non-ferrous materials.

Minelab SDC 2300 metal detector

Minelab SDC 2300 metal detector

Minelab SDC 2300 metal detector

It is compact, waterproof and a tough machine for harsh gold prospecting conditions. It is a high performance mid-range gold detector, excellent for detecting minute nuggets of gold on water and soil.

It is a military grade machine with automatic ground tracking, 9 audio levels, 8 step sensitivity adjustment and a weight of 5.3 lbs.

It is submersible hence can be used for gold prospecting in water bodies.

White’s TDI

White’s TDI

White’s TDI

It detects gold nuggets at great depths, has high sensitivity and automatic ground balance that filters out iron mineralization.

It has 12” spider search coil or 7.5” optical search coil, is waterproof and weighs 3.5 pounds.

It has variable audio select, volume control, threshold control, pulse delay control, frequency control and 3 way target conductivity selector. It can detect small deep-seated gold nuggets. 

White TDI Pro

White TDI Pro

White TDI Pro

It is a lightweight machine that provides great stability and sensitivity, elimination effects of heavy ground mineralization. It can detect small sizes of gold at great depths using pulse induction power.

It has a NHIM rechargeable battery that lasts up to hours, with a backup alkaline AA battery to ensure all day prospecting.

February 23, 2016

Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors

For 45 years now, Garret Metal DetectorsTM has been the leading manufacturer of metal detection products for treasure hunting and security purposes.  It is a family business based in the US widely popular for manufacturing the best metal detectors in the market.

Garret metal detectors are easy to use and have high accuracy and efficiency as they use the best technology out there, with manufacturers dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. There are a number of Garret metal detectors available in the market:


Garret Ace 150 Metal Detector

Garret Ace 150 Metal Detector

Garret Ace 150 Metal Detector

It features a 6.5” × 9”PROformance search coil, a clear audible target identification and a LCD screen where you can adjust sensitivity and depth detection level.





Garret Ace 250 Metal Detector

Garret Ace 250 Metal Detector

Garret Ace 250 Metal Detector

It features a 6.5” × 9” PROformance search coil with a coil cover, automatic ground balance and electronic pinpointing to precisely locate the target. It has speed recovery.




Garret Ace 350 metal detector

Garret Ace 350 metal detector

Garret Ace 350 metal detector

The ultimate big brother among the Garret Ace metal detectors.  It has an 8.5”× 11” PROformance Double D search coil. This DD configuration improves the ground balance of the machine by reducing effects of highly mineralized ground and seawater. This leads to greater detection depth,making it possible to detect small sized objects like coins when they are deep buried.

It has good discrimination ability and gives excellent scanning coverage. Its tip and tail design extends its scan area, giving better search along obstacles. 

Garret AT Pro Metal Detector

Garret AT Pro Metal Detector

Garret AT Pro Metal Detector

This is an all-terrain metal detector, with exclusive Garret technology making it outstanding in treasure hunting. It has professional and standard search modes, with excellent audio features.  It is waterproof and hence can be used for beach treasure hunt.

It has a digital Target ID which makes its discrimination on point, enhancing its ability to separate targets from trash.



Garret AT Gold Metal detector

Garret AT Gold Metal detector

Garret AT Gold Metal detector

Features 5”×8” DD search coil, Motion All Metal Detector mode, manual and automatic ground balance, water proof ability up to 10 feet deep, Audio Target ID and two discrimination modes. All these features make it suitable for prospection of gold in the most challenging environments.





Garret Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector

Garret Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector

Garret Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector

Despite being a pulse induction metal detector, it has excellent discrimination abilities. It has a trash elimination technology which eliminates foils without any significant effect on sensitivity for treasures on hunt in Discrete Elimination Mode. It is waterproof hence suitable for treasure hunt on the beaches, lakes, rivers and oceans.



Garret Infinium LS Metal Detector

Garret Infinium LS Metal Detector

Garret Infinium LS Metal Detector

Features a 10”× 14” DD search coil and is suitable for treasure hunting on land and sea (LS).  It can be used to search for coins, gold nuggets, relics and other treasures everywhere, even in sea depths of up to 200 feet.





Garret ATX Metal Detector

Garret ATX Metal Detector

Garret ATX Metal Detector

Features 20” DD coil that gives enhanced detection of tiny gold nuggets. It is waterproof up to 10 feet. It has advanced ground balance and iron check. It features all military specifications for a metal detector including a military grade Garret hard case.





Garret GTI 2500 Pro Metal detector

Garret GTI 2500 Pro Metal detector

Garret GTI 2500 Pro Metal detector

It has a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip with secret technology that has made it the most important metal detector in the market so far.  It has a precise size and depth detection mechanism that will tell you whether the target discovered is a treasure or junk. It will tell you whether a coin is a penny, nickel, dime or dollar.

It features an eagle eye pinpoint, 9.5/ 12.5 imaging coil and can scan up to 20 feet.



Garret Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointing Metal Detector

Garret Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointing Metal Detector

Garret Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointing Metal Detector

It is an all- terrain waterproof (up to 10 feet) metal detector, making it suitable for beach and underwater treasure finding.







Garret Pro-Pointer II Pinpointing Metal Detector

Garret Pro-Pointer II Pinpointing Metal Detector

Garret Pro-Pointer II Pinpointing Metal Detector

It is fully submersible, can be used in all terrains and provides versatility for locating and pinpointing metallic targets. It has 360° side scan detection area, automatic tuning and patented proportional audio/vibration pulses that indicate target.


Garret CSI Pro-All Terrain Metal Detector

Garret CSI Pro-All Terrain Metal Detector

Garret CSI Pro-All Terrain Metal Detector

It is an all- terrain metal detector with a digital track ID, continuous depth indicator, it’s waterproof, high iron discrimination and features a graphic target analyzer. Has superior detection of small sized targets.