February 4, 2016

American Hawks Metal Detector Review

Though not recommendable for professional treasure hunt, American Hawks metal detector has some superior qualities that make it to the average metal detectors class, going for a decent price.

American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector Review

American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector Review

Pros of America Hawks Explorer Metal Detector

Adjustable sensitivity

This detector has adjustable sensitivity, making it possible to change the sensitivity of the machine when one moves from place to place. Every location has a suitable sensitivity level mainly determined by the level of ground mineralization. It can be adjusted to sensitivity greater than 8.

Automatic ground balance

American Hawks Explorer metal detector has an automatic ground balance feature, hence stabilizes by itself.  Ground balance prevents the detector from giving false signals due to mineralization of the ground.

Volume control

It has volume control enabling one to customize the volume settings. A buzzer sound is produced when a target is discovered.

LED display

American Hawks Explorer metal detectors have a LED display, that lights up when a target is detected.

American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector LED display

American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector LED display

6.5” waterproof search coil

With this quite big search coil, the metal detector covers a relatively large are with one swing. The search coil also enables it to detect targets lying quite deep. It therefore increases the detector’s lateral and vertical coverage.

The search coil is also waterproof hence it can be used in swampy grass, muddy areas and shallow waters. It is however not submersible.

Two target detection modes

It has All-metal mode and Motion Discrimination mode. With All-metal mode, the machine detects all metallic objects while in motion discrimination mode it detects only the desired targets.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals discriminator

It has a discriminator that can distinguish steel/iron (ferrous metals) from gold/silver (non-ferrous metals). Ferrous metals are usually not valuable hence are discriminated. It detects non-ferrous targets like gold, copper, silver, aluminum and silver but is blind to iron, nickels and other ferrous targets.

Depth detection

This machine tells the approximate depth of a target using the strength of the signal received. The signal strength also determines the size. When the signal is strong, the target is shallow and large and when the signal is weak, the target is small and deep.

Three adjusting knobs

It has three adjusting knobs for sensitivity, discrimination and volume control.

Adjustable stem

The shaft of this metal detector is adjustable; 23” to 34.5” to enable people of different heights use it comfortably. However, the handle is still relatively short and only short people and children can use it without bending.


American Hawks metal detector is ultra-light weighing 1.5lbs. It comes with a bag making it easy to carry it around.

Cons of American Hawks Explorer Metal detector

The shaft of the detector is quite short and can only be used by children or average height people. Tall people will have to bend, an experience everyone dreads when it comes to treasure hunt.

The handle of the detector falls of easily and have to be secured using a tape.

Quite a good machine for recreational treasure hunt, professionals can work with it but it is not the best for that purpose.

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